Wellness Awareness Challenge!

Wellness Awareness Challenge!

The best way to be aware of your wellness is to meditate, exercise, eat healthy and drink wellness teas! Avoid the stress, the sugary snacks, the excuses and limitations! Drink more tea to boost your wellness! Our teas are formulated to help boost your immune systems, boost your energy, increase your focus, improve your digestion and many more health benefits! I challenge you to be aware of your Wellness and take care of your health!


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Don't forget to email us at info@wellnessteashoppe.com to submit your Wellness Tea Testimonies. Go ahead and check out our Immune Boosting Teas Below!

Boost up your Immune System with our Ginger Turmeric Tea! Health Benefits are Antioxidative Power, Anti-Inflammatory Benefits, Immune System Boost, Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties, Improved Digestion, Blood Sugar Regulation Benefits, Protection Against Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer-Fighting Properties, Antidepressant Effects, Pain Relieving Benefits.

Have you tried our Purple Tea? Purple tea contains a high concentration of ANTHOCYANIN, which is a natural antioxidant also found in blueberries, pomegranates and acai berries. Purple Healing Tea Benefits: Anti- Inflammatory and Anti Viral Properties, Improves Cardiovascular Health, May Enhance Cognitive Function, Diabetes Prevention, Improves Liver Health, Prevents Hair Loss, Improves Vision, Stimulates Weight Loss, Enhances Eye Health, Helps maintain Blood Pressure.

Do you need a pick me up? Try our Energy Tea! Health Benefits helps Reduce Stress, Improves Brain Function, Improves Lung Function, Stimulates Senses, Immune System Booster, Improves Heart Function, Lowers Blood Sugar!

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